Friday, 1 January 2016

My First Sober New Year in about 3 Decades....

Holy Cow! This is beyond awesome!

I thought I would share my New Year in pictures.....

Here is our finished gazebo with campfire. We managed to stay outside until about 10pm New Year's Eve, until our fronts were hot and out backsides were freezing....

Here is a little project that I finished yesterday - my Vision Board for 2016. I have never really attempted one seriously before, but it was fun, and I got to use glue and felt pens and scissors, and still feel grownup :)

Here is the Nanaimo River - we walked along the river today, completely hangover free, enjoying the glorious sunshine, a welcome break from the shitty rain.

It was a fitting start to a Sober New Year,

I hope yours was just as good,

love WBxx


  1. Happy new year! I love the gazebo and the vision board.

  2. It's so cute!! I love your gazebo. I can't believe your husband just whipped it together for you (well, you know what I mean!) The sunshine is soooo nice, even if it's freezing-ass cold (no, I'm never fucking happy).

  3. Perfect! I might even try a vision board!

  4. I am in live with your vision board. Unfuck yourself? That should be my motto for 2016. In many respects. Gazibo looks amazing!

  5. Fabulous! What a start. Love the vision board.. and the gazebo is awesome and is spurring me on to make the bbq hut we dream of a reality. Happy 2016! Red xx