Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A Controversial Debate...

The old question...can anyone REALLY Moderate?

A Controversial Debate



  1. I've been doing the moderation thing successfully for quite a few years... it still doesn't work. Reason: my body is doing much better but my monkey mind is still very active. I think at least 50% of what we are looking for with our relationship with booze is serenity and freeing up brain space for other, more interesting and important thoughts than should I drink? Abstinence is the only way to 'eventually' clear the monkey out of the mind. Just my opinion. Granny Gets Sober (now posting as Sober at Sixty)

  2. I totally agree. Also, one of the main reasons that I wouldn't drink again - is because it wouldn't enhance my life in any way. There just isn't any point. I think that lots of people who want to moderate (and manage) find, in the end, that life is better without booze - so why bother? I just think that every path is different, some paths lead to moderation, and that's still a good thing for lots of people, to not be drinking at harmful levels, or in a harmful way. But, me too - glad to get rid of the monkey chatter! x