Friday, 2 October 2015


I've never been big on self-grooming.

Let me clarify - I am big on hygiene..just not the cosmetic, hair, spa kinda stuff. It's not so much that I dislike the idea of being pampered, it's just that it all seems so self indulgent....and I could never justify the expense.

Hey, wait a minute, isn't this the same girl who "justified" a bottle or two of wine a day?

Well yes, put like that, and also the fact that I've committed to leaving my business comfort zone and recording face to camera live classes, I've had to face facts.....I've been looking frumpy and old.

I could very happily ignore my increasing weight, deteriorating skin, split fingernails and dried out hair before....I just had another glass of wine.

Also, in my wine addled mind, I saw myself as "outdoorsy" and "natural"....hence the shapeless sweaters, hair scraped back into a ponytail, and aforementioned split fingernails...

But now, as I embark on my business journey, I have been convinced that online classes are the way to go (leverage my time), and so not only have I had to master all kinds of tech foolery (google hangouts, widgets for that, plug-ins for this), I have also had to watch myself on video.

Excruciating! Like having to listen to your recorded voice but a thousand times worse!!

And I have had to acknowledge my woefully low standards of self grooming.

So off to the hairdressers, I go.

I went to lady that I knew slightly. She worked alongside my previous hairdresser ( and I want to say here, that my lovely hairdresser Jane, who broke her arm, and has now moved, did all she could to keep my hair looking can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. - I'm the horse, in case you didn't get that)

So (extremely) young Brittany, got the job.

"Do your magic! " I said.

I have to hand it to her.

Yes, we need to fix that, she said briskly as she surveyed my tattered, sun dried locks.

And, just a sharp intake of breath when she got to my fringe, which I had recently hacked with kitchen scissors...

She definitely cast her spell. An hour an a half later, I have darker hair, no grey, it looks smooth and feels silky.

I am happy.

Is there anything else I can do for you, asks Brittany, as she sprays and fluffs the finishing touches.

Feeling confident, I joke...."Can you get rid of ten pounds of ugly fat for me ?"

She stops and looks at me.

I'm a beautician, not a magician.... 


  1. Yes! Hair, skin care! I look good now.

  2. And why bloody not! Go for it! Think of all that wine money. Get a personal shopper! Never done it but friends swear by it. Ah the list is endless. I too never used to care x

  3. I cannot imagine the horror of having to watch myself on film. But oooh, new hair! It really makes you want to spiff up all the stuff UNDER THE HAIR.:)

    1. I know, I may even start wearing....MAKEUP!! Lol

  4. I always wear makeup!
    Even to yoga!
    Then I look like a raccoon!
    I love having my hair done! Pedicures are awesome, too!