Friday, 4 September 2015

If They Don't Go, I Can't Miss Them...

Just a quick post to say that this is the VERY LAST weekend of summer holidays here on sunny Vancouver Island, and the last weekend that Bob & Jackie's B & B will be operating....

Our last set of visitors are here at the moment.

I am giving myself up to a higher power.

I have stopped stressing about time and how I am not getting things done and that I haven't been blogging or working on my business as much as I want, or that I need to clean up the garden.

I am coping with a house full of people, and still not wanting to dive into a bottle of wine.

The work can still be done next week.

The house and garden can wait.

Sober Mummy's Blog this morning put things into perspective (Thank you SM).

Have a lovely weekend ( Long one, if you are in Canada),

WB xx


  1. Long one for me too! So does that mean you are ready to start taking reservations for fall?? Vancouver Island sounds lovely! Hahaha!

  2. Yes, all of that can wait, and furthermore, if you did it right now you'd just have to do it again next week. That's what I keep telling my cobwebs," if I knock you down now, you'll just build again by next week. I might as well save us both some work."
    Enjoy your weekend, your guests, your life.

  3. It was long for us too, and I too had to relax.
    Once I did, it was really fun.
    There is an old saying "Life is not an emergency".
    Of course, I am really slowing down, but that's okay too!