Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Shift.

I read on my social media feeds about the passing of Dr Wayne Dyer.

I have a confession, I have never read any of his work, or heard him speak. I know very little about him.

In my head, I had him filed under "New Age-y Motivational Speaker". And as I have a natural skepticism about 'Motivational Speakers" ..seriously, how can that be an actual job... I had dismissed Dr Dyer in my own cynical way, along with Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy.

So, fighting against my Inner Cynic (who hangs out with the Wine Witch, I'm certain), I watched the whole of "The Shift" last night.

At first Inner Cynic was whispering in my ear;

"Easy for him to discount ambition and achievement...now that he has published books and made a gazillion dollars...."

And then I sat up as Dr Dyer described his own decision to give up alcohol.

Inner Cynic groaned..."Oh no not this again, you are totally obsessed...."

Then I was mesmerized. (Here's a link to the whole documentary)

I have been thinking about it all day and here are my thoughts.

I do believe that becoming sober was my 'shift'. I had been self medicating because I really felt that I hadn't lived up to my 'potential' whatever that means. 
I felt like I had jagged edges. I couldn't settle. I tried to throw myself into careers and relationships that seemed on the surface to have so much promise, but they left me confused and unfulfilled.

By the time I met my husband, I was already attempting to soften my edges with wine, on a daily basis.

It took a "shift". I am not really sure how or why it occurred. But I am just glad it did.

Lots of amazing things have happened since I put down the bottle. Much of my work is now centred around writing, lots of it business orientated and some of it might even be considered "motivational" ......hmmm does that mean that it really can be a job...

And I find myself open to all sort of "New Age-y" wisdom.




  1. He was so amazing to hear in real life.
    In the shift, at one point he says women are different than men. I was prepared to disagree with him...and what he said was me exactly.
    Wayne dyer was the real deal.

    1. I am sorry that I didn't pay attention earlier...but I guess he would say that the message came when it was needed.

  2. Thank you for putting up that link to the documentary - never watched/heard him before and I watched the whole thing - fascinating. Definitely the right time for me at the moment too - a few months ago I'd have had no interest in listening - but sobriety seems to be forcing me towards things more spiritual and, much to my surprise, exactly the shift things he talks about...

  3. Just checking in and saying hello.

    1. Hi Wendy, hope all is well with you xx