Monday, 31 August 2015

The Numbers and The Words.

I've been told that I am very analytical. I'm a "numbers" person.

I'm not sure about that, but I do love the order and certainty that numbers bring. Two plus two will always add up to four, despite the chaos and drama that swirls in the Universe. It's something you can rely on.

In my first days of sobriety I relied on numbers a lot.

10 days without alcohol
2 pound of weight lost
4 extra hours of productivity a day
50 dollars saved

The mounting numbers both reassured me and spurred me on - I can do it! Look at my achievement!

If you are reading this on a rainy Monday hungover morning, and want to start on a lifetime journey without alcohol - my first advice to you is..... hang on to the numbers they will sustain you - at first!

As you progress, the numbers become less important - they don't tell the whole story.

 Numbers won't tell you about the tranquility of an early summer morning, drinking coffee on the porch, the feeling of clarity and optimism

Numbers won't provide you with the inner pride you feel after a day's productivity, giving your best self to the job in hand.

Numbers won't fill you with joy and laughter on a Sunday afternoon at the beach watching the kids play.

So for me, words have taken the place of numbers. Words written in this blog, words written by many others on this same journey.

Words bring mindfulness. Words remind you of the journey, the evenings with clenched hands as you ward off the Wine Witch, words warn you when you hear the sirens sing to you. Words give you strength and meaning and hope. Words warm you and comfort you.

I missed writing my blog for a few days. I got busy. I got fidgety. I missed my words. I hadn't realized how important they were to me.

It might not be words for you. It might be meditation or prayer. But you will need something to keep you mindful, once the numbers have completed their work.

Thank you for reading my words, 

Have a fantastic week

WB xx.


  1. Wonderful words!
    I agree. Numbers were so important to me at first.
    They still are, but I lose track of days, etc. now.
    Words are healing and helping me grow, too.

  2. I love your words. I never counted. It always made me anxious. The engineer in me felt it had to be counting to something. I couldn't figure out what.
    But every single morning I wake up, pause and am gleefully thankful for another day, hangover free. It makes every single morning precious.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean - it's not as if you are getting "more sober" as the numbers get higher!

  3. I love your words and your blog Wine Witch - they have been helping me gradually accrue my own numbers of days sober etc. thank you!

    1. I'm so happy to help, and congrats on the big 100 !

  4. Love this. I really miss blogging when I'm out of it (as in blogging, not as in pissed..) I love this online community of strangers that supports me and encourages me. Thank you WB!

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  7. Thank you for writing your words!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. xx

  8. I have no idea why sometimes my one comment randomly becomes three. Apologies if it happens to this one. I swear I'm not drinking. 😉