Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Not Drunk Enough.

"But you only drank wine...not the hard stuff. For God's sake, they practically drink wine for breakfast in Europe"

But I drank a lot of wine, sometimes more than a bottle at a time......

"That's not much, that's only about four glasses, and if you drink two of them with dinner.. 

Actually, a bottle is about 6 units, according to Canada Health.

"Oh, the government. Since when did you care what the Government says?

Since they told me that my drinking could cause about six different types of cancer, diabetes, dementia....and besides, it makes me feel like shit"

Oh, pu-leeassse ....You feel like shit? A headache in the morning? You don't even drink the hard stuff!

Oh, you'd prefer it if I drank a bottle of vodka a day?

Well, at least that would be a real fucking problem!

Let's get this straight - you don't think I have a problem?

Only if being an uptight whiny bitch who needs some attention is a problem! Other people have real problems, you know, hunger? War? Poverty? Even people right here on Vancouver Island have more problems than you...

I know that people have many terrible problems, much worse than mine, but still, my wine drinking was a real issue, it was affecting my life! My business! My marriage!

Oh, come on....you think he wants to be with some boring bitch who can't have any fun? He didn't sign up for all this sober shit !

It's better now! He's proud!

He's embarrassed! And what about that blog? What kind of fucking hero do you think you are? You're not some kind of addictions counselor!

I know who you are.

YOU DON"T KNOW SHIT! You're just a middle-aged Drama Queen who needs some attention, and thinks her little "wine drinking" problem is IMPORTANT!

I know who you are.

WHO I AM??? WHO I AM?? You don't even know who you are! You think you're some kind of ALCOHOLIC?



I know who you are. And I know you're scared.


Yes, Every time I refuse a glass of wine, every time I wake up full of love and joy, every time one person reads my blog, or other blogs and decides that it's time to cut down a little, or give up entirely, every time someone congratulates me for being sober, one more day......you fade a little. Die a little....until one day, your voice with be so faint, that I can barely hear you. So until then, you obscenity, you will scream and roar.......but your days are numbered. Soon you will be no more.



  1. Amen, Sister, Amen! We get to decide what club we belong to, thank you very much.

  2. xx
    very cool transcript - those who are feeling belittled because they don't drink enough on 70 units a week. Fucking nuts & wrong - it's all in our head, it only leads to one thing - ending up with no family, no friends, no money, then it will be the bottle of whisky a day - then we will be "alcoholics".
    No, I already am on my 1.5 bottles of wine a night (used to drink) - am so glad for our AA blogger club or I would have no support. This means the world to me :)