Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day ? Maggie & Arthur

Ooh, I actually had to check back to see what day it is. No, I know it's Tuesday, I meant what Sober Day - and it's 94.

For my bedtime reading, I've been revisiting my youth, and finding out all the stuff I didn't know about Mrs Thatcher. For example, I didn't know that she actually caused the Falkland's War, by an ill-judged approval to cut the defence budget which sent a signal to Argentina that she didn't care about defending the Falklands...big oops.
Anyhow, yesterday evening, I snuggled down with Mrs T, and who should join us, but Arthur Scargill!!
I had totally forgotten about him!

(Quick 1980's British Politics 101 - Mrs T (right wing saviour/mad woman, depending on your politics, determined to rid Britain of the "socialist scum" v Arthur Scargill , Marxist revolutionary/Luddite (again dependent on your point of view) - Big Showdown over coal mine closures. Mrs. T got the clear victory, Arthur Scargill slunk off to who knows where, the big losers were the manipulated miners)

Mrs T came to power in 1979 when I was eleven, and was booted out when I was twenty one.

You either Loved Her or Hated Her.

My Dad Loved Her. And I Loved to wind him up.

I delighted in provoking him. I wore CND * badges, quoted Karl Marx, wore "Free Nelson Mandela T-Shirt - ANYTHING to provoke a reaction!

My poor mum, one evening shouted "For God's sake! Can't we have just ONE family dinner without an argument?"

It was AWESOME!!

It all stopped when British politics slithered down into the cesspool of soundbites and spin doctors, and it was hard to figure out who stood for what, but for the best part of a decade, I squared off against my Dad - neither of us was for turning!!

Last night I was reminded about all these larger than life characters, who, at least had convictions.

I tried to remember what my convictions were. Did they slither into that same cesspool? Did I drown them with wine?

It's been a long time since I sharpened my debating skills, it's been a long time since I had a spark of passion to motivate me. Alcohol Induced Apathy.

But last night, as I relived the tumultuous 1980's, I remembered what it was like.

WB xx

* CND - Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.



  1. Great time! You're so right about the conviction politics. Add to that perms and shoulder pads. The Kids From Fame and leg warmers. John Players Specials. Mix tapes. Lambrusco. Who shot JR.? Ah bliss....

    1. I saw Kids from Fame in concert. (don't tell anyone)

  2. So envious! I sang in ABBAs backing group. You know the song "I have a dream"? All those kids in the chorus? Moi. Love you WB xx

  3. So awesome, one day we'll have coffee and compare notes from the'80's. xx

  4. I am hopelessly ignorant about British politics, but I do know of this spark of which you speak. Doesn't if feel good to actually care about something again. To feel interested? To feel "un-deadened?"

    Congratulations on Day 94! Just wait to see what happens on Day 236, you won't believe it.