Saturday, 15 August 2015

Day 98 - Just Routine.

Day 98.

All our visitors have left.
The boat is still in my driveway. My initial excitement when I heard a motor running was short-lived. There are Still Things to be Fixed.
My husband has promised me a boat trip as soon as it’s sea worthy. I am holding him to that promise.
In the meantime, he is on a quest for mysterious “boat parts” and I have a Saturday stretched out in front of me with no particular plans or obligations.
It’s a lovely feeling. I have about half a pot of coffee left, just for me, and I am sitting at my computer desk, still in my PJ’s.

I have a whole list of stuff I could do;

I could continue writing content for my new business course
I could write a couple of business blogs and schedule them to be published
I could spend a couple of hours in the garden weeding and cleaning out vegetable beds.
I could pick blackberries before they are completely over and freeze them. Or make a pie.
I could clean the house.
I could declutter another corner/closet/drawer.
I could find our sleeping bags and camping gear to get ready for our boating trip.

The possibilities are not endless.
I will not change the world today, with my list.
The house is quiet. I have another coffee.

I revel in ordinary.
I revel in mundane.
I revel in routine.

Have a great weekend 

WB xx


  1. And this is the best way to spend your day... to revel in ordinary. Sounds great to me!

  2. Reveling in the ordinary is awesome. Happy 100 days eve!

  3. It is In Those quiet moments that we find ourselves truly alive.