Monday, 3 August 2015

Should I Jump off a Bridge?

As this heat wave continues, I am relying heavily on chilled AF beer and a daily swim in the river.

This would never have happen when drinking wine. Last year, it was just as hot, but because I was half way down a chilled bottle of wine most afternoons, I couldn't be bothered to move from my deckchair in the shade. A swim would have cut into my drinking time.

This year, as the drought has continued, we've moved farther and farther up the river to find more refreshing water holes, where the river is still running fast from the top of the mountain.

To get to the river each day, we have to pass the Bungee Zone.

Years ago, local Island people started the Bungee Zone - hurling themselves off a old trestle bridge for fun - and very soon, it became a local attraction. People would actually pay to do this.
This "attraction" is literally a five minute walk from our driveway, and yet I have never bothered to investigate.

In my mind, I have had this image of three or four guys with a rope on top of a bridge - "Here, hold my beer, watch this...."

Last year, a large American company took over operations - and the Bungee Zone became "Wild Play"

And if there is one thing that Americans do superbly (there are many things of course, my lovely American friends) it's Theme Parks.

Five minutes from my home - just a short walk - is the most amazing outdoor theme park....and I never knew!

After our swim today, my unexpected guest (see yesterday's post) asked to stop in at Wild Play, because she wanted to do a bungee jump. She had done a lot of research and was really excited that we lived right next door to this world class attraction!!

Very soon my embarrassment turned to awe, as we walked through a beautifully coiffured park, and high up in the trees, people were ziplining and whooping with excitement.

Wild play has an assortment of attractions for all age groups. Rock climbing, Zip Lining, Bungee Jumping, obstacle courses......who knew?

I didn't. And last year I didn't care. 87 days ago I didn't care.

As I watched my guest drop off a bridge into the chasm over the river - screaming with excitement - I was so grateful that I have finally emerged from my self-imposed cocoon.

And maybe, I thought......just maybe......I might jump off the bridge myself.



  1. Sounds fantastic. Since getting sober I love zip wires and the like. Could never be bothered before though.

  2. How ironic, my DH and I just watched a commercial about bungee jumping, and as usual, made simultaneous claims that we felt no need to jump off perfectly good bridges.
    But if you feel the need, I say go for it, quitting drinking is all about becoming fearless. I'm just one of those who exercises her fearlessness by attempting new knitting stitches or other heart racing endeavors that can be accomplished from my lumpy sofa. ;)