Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Shortcomings.

On Day 100, I came out.

Out of the Sober Closet. I posted my blog post on my own facebook page. 

It just seemed time to just get it over with.

No more little white lies about why I'm not drinking, no more raised eyebrows (probably imagined), just an acceptance that I no longer drink, and hopefully that means a better selection of non alcoholic beverages next time I am invited out. (hint, if you are reading)

So the majority of my lovely friends were just as supportive as my blogger family. People politely didn't say "I KNEW it!!"

One lady posted a comment on facebook.

"Well done Jackie, lots of people don't admit to their shortcomings"

I know she was being supportive. I know she was being kind.

And I'm not offended at all.

But it does reinforce the notion that if you are dependent on alcohol, it is your failing. That you are somehow weak and irresponsible.

I must admit here, that until my own ride with addiction, I was quite judgmental about smokers.

"What a filthy habit. Why don't they just stop? So and So is always telling me how broke she is, but she still finds the cash for the ciggies"

Karma. She's a bitch, but a fair bitch.

So I graciously accepted the compliment in the way it was intended.

And I continue to work on my shortcomings.

Have a great day,

WB xx


  1. Wow! You are so brave. I am nearing my 100 days and I don't know what to do.

  2. Whoooooaaaaa! That's fantastic! And brave!

  3. Thank you. So far, only one person has said "Oh God, you're going to be boring now, but I guess you can be designated driver now."

    1. Always a silver lining.