Friday, 21 August 2015

The Shake Down

I never thought it would happen - Oh cynical me!

The boat that has rested in our driveway - looking as if it had found it's final resting place, is now in the water! And it floats!

And as a reward for my patience (no one has been reading my blog then!) I get to go on a boat trip for a couple of days.

It's a "shake down" cruise.

I was very patient (again) as my husband explained that a "shake down" cruise is not where we go out to sea and someone extorts money from me, it is a boat trip where we assess what we need on the boat, and what we don't - a "house keeping" cruise.

He is only concerned about what fishing gear he has on the boat.

I am only concerned with the coffee pot, book and bacon. And some AF beer.

Apparently I am the high maintenance one (but you should see the sheer volume of fishing gear!)

Anyhoo, I'm off to get "shaken down" for a couple of days, and as I am assuming no wifi - I dare not ask - high maintenance - so have a great weekend!

WB xx


  1. In a prison, a shake down is where the correctional officers tear apart an inmate's cell or bunk looking for contraband. This sounds like a bit more fun:) (tip: hide your shank!!)

  2. Do you fish?
    I like to fish only if there are fish!
    That will let me catch them!