Thursday, 12 November 2015

My Satanic Sacrificial Ring....

Yay! Finally a New Hobby!

Just kidding, I haven't suddenly acquired an interest in Devil Worship. At ALL (seriously, it was a joke, if my blog has just appeared in some FBI social media monitoring thingy, I really am joking, just read on....please)

Actually, I am referring to my new Gazebo, which is currently a work in progress. (Sideways Rain has stopped construction - for an explanation of "Rain Categories" that we experience in the Pacific North West (PN Dub) see lovely Suburban Betty's Blog Here) 

You may recall that this summer, we sat around a pretend camp fire, because of the drought, and there was lots of drunken drama, which didn't involve me at all.

So, I casually mentioned to my husband that it would be cool to sit around a camp fire in the dark, but wasn't it a shame about the weather, blah blah and before I knew it, he was busy sketching out plans for a gazebo with a "chimney" so we could sit out around a camp fire in all weathers...

Because my husband seems to know everyone on the Island, and 'trades' his custom smoked fish with them, the actual construction cost is minimal. Which is nice.

A thought occurred to me as I looked at my Satanic Ring ( so named because it's 6ft to the middle from each post, posts are 6ft apart, and the beams will be 6ft 666...).....

When I picture myself sitting around the camp fire, under my Gazebo which will have sparkly lights all over it, maybe in the snow,  I see myself holding a steaming mug of Hot Chocolate.....I no longer picture myself with a wine glass in my hand....

I think I may have turned a corner.

Here is a picture of my Gazebo footings if there are any G Men still concerned. We certainly won't be sacrificing the Virgin Connie Swales.......just the facts boys....just the facts....


  1. Dear Wine Bitch,
    This is cool!!
    Hot chocolate sounds super yummy now!!
    I need to learn how to make some good stuff, not the instant crappy stuff I used to get!

  2. Oh how nice, Jackie! You can kick back and summon the devil while relaxing in warm dry comfort:) Seriously, is that a goat skull in the middle of the ring?
    BTW thank you for the blog mention:) I saw Sideways Rain and thought, she knows about that too?! Must be a thing. Hahaha!!
    We're getting ready for 2 inches this weekend (boooo!) We have both our decks covered with smoked plastic panels, it's nice to have a place to chill out any time of year.

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