Tuesday, 17 November 2015

What's Black and White and Blue all Over?

I love the clarity that sobriety brings. My life back in focus. The sharp, defining edges of decisions made, tasks completed, priorities set.
But with my sober clear- sightedness comes a new grey fuzzy area.

Nothing is black and white anymore.

I used to know what an addict is...

 the thin hollowed out, pock marked derelict on the government posters.

I used to know what an alcoholic is..

The bag lady drinking cheap cider hidden in a paper bag

I used to know how to react when someone is arrested for a DUI

How irresponsible.....

Now, the addict could be that guy in a suit in the line up at the bank, maybe (he was sniffing excessively).....

The alcoholic? That well dressed lady with two bottles of wine ( she spent a long time explaining about her dinner party to the check out girl)

The DUI?

Thank God I never got caught.....

( a penguin holding it's breath )

WB xx.


  1. I used to think I knew what an addict/alcoholic looked like too!
    I find I am not so black and white thinking anymore either.
    A softer thinker.

  2. Yes, and since I have stopped drinking, I am also keenly aware of the women in front of me in line at the corner store after work, buying that bottle (or two) of wine. Friday night a woman who seemed to be on her way home bought one of those size-and-a-half bottles. Maybe she was going to a dinner party... #thatwasme

  3. Yup. The truth is a good percentage of people drink like I drank. Perhaps they do so without the retreat and guilt and remorse? Or perhaps they are hiding their pain.
    I think it is too often the latter. That's why I try to be open and honest about my sobriety. Someone might see me and think, if Anne needed to quit, perhaps I do too.

    Funny how we see things with clear eyes.