Sunday, 29 November 2015

Saturday. My favourite Day. Except for Sunday. And Monday's not bad.....

Every day is much improved, now that alcohol no longer features in my agenda.

And I have been busy.

Its a recurring theme. I seem to be trying to make up for the years of procrastination. It's not working.

So this weekend, I decided not to declutter, reorganize, write and attempt to finish a massive 'to do" list....I just let yesterday come and go.

I was in my PJs at about 3.00pm. I read a bit. We watched 'On Golden Pond" and then I watched "The Seventies".

We ate snacks. 

Today is much the same.

I cleaned the house a bit. I did plan next week a bit ( I have a new job - more about that in another post).

I have some ideas for more Video blogs, and I may or may not record them today.

I wrote a blog post for an entirely different blog it here if you like

I felt like writing something that wasn't connected to sobriety. Not because I don't like writing about it anymore, it's just that sometimes, I find myself thinking...

"Oh that's a cool thing to write about - oh wait, it's not really relevant to a sober blog..."

And then I realized..."I can write anything I want"

So I did.

And it is kind of relevant, because I would never have done that while I was drinking....

Have a great week, 

WB xx


  1. Sometimes it feels so good to let go of having to keep busy.
    I'm glad you had fun in pj's!

  2. It's addictive, isn't it?? Here a blog, there a blog EVERYWHERE A BLOG. :) Love it! Following! Also, way to chill. Sometimes you get more done doing nothing. (that's sounds deeper than it is...and it's probably not true. hahaah)