Thursday, 5 November 2015

Sometimes You just have to Kill the Baby.....

Or at least rearrange it's features.

Not a literal baby obviously.....just going through some changes, business wise.

Some things that I thought would work, haven't. And I discovered that I don't like doing some stuff, so I shall stop.
It's the joy and despair of being self employed.

I have nurtured this particular offspring, But it's not developing in quite the way I planned, and quite frankly, I'm not really feeling a mother's love anymore, so time for some drastic alterations.

When I was drinking.....and basically being "self -employed" was indistinguishable from "unemployed"....if anything didn't go as planned, it was just another handy excuse to say

"Fuck it, I'll have a drink"

And then, the following morning, I would trawl through the local job listings...which would inevitably lead to the following realisations:

1. I am Old.
2. I have very few marketable skills
3. I do not take direction
4. No jobs allow you to wear PJs.

I am, in fact, unemployable. So another handy excuse to say

"Fuck it, I'll have a drink"

These days, being unemployable is both liberating and challenging.

I have freedom and possibilities.

But I also have to pay the bills.

So instead of saying.....

"Fuck it, I'll have a drink"

I just toss the baby out with the bath water and get another baby. A better, prettier baby. That makes money.

WB xx


  1. Dear Jackie,
    Okay, I'm giggling!
    I do wish you the best business wise!

  2. Pjs and an dislike of direction probably do limit employment opportunities. Lol
    I expect you will find you niche. Sometimes cutting losses and trying something else is the move.

  3. You know you always have a real estate gig in Salem, OR: old ass house that needs you to lie about it, er, enhance it's image. Seriously if you decide to sell something I'll buy it. I'll take two! Of whatever it is!

  4. Sell the boat! Then design a range of wear-to-work PJs. There's obviously a gap in the market!

    1. Sadly, someone has beaten her to it: