Thursday, 3 December 2015

Gazebo, My Dishwasher and The Pineapple Express

I bet you've all been wondering how my Gazebo (aka the Satanic Worship Ring) is coming along, haven't you? Well funny you should ask....not very well.

I am still harbouring romantic notions of sitting round a roaring fire, under the Gazebo, with sparkly fairy lights, and hot chocolate on Christmas Day. With my stepdaughter who is coming home after two years in Taiwan! Yay!

But we shall see. About the gazebo that is. As I have NO CONTROL....

One of the (many) reasons for the slow construction, is the delicate state of our dishwasher. It is my favourite appliance. And we don't have an extra $1200 to blow on a new one, so we (and by "we"  I mean "he", my husband) is manfully attempting "fixes" which seem to work for a while...

My husband can have a bit of a short fuse in these situations, so I usually make myself scarce. But he did require my help and so I obliged.

Well, I'm only a GIRL, and apparently don't know much about "these things", but I did manage to dredge up enough memory of physics classes at school, to know that ELECTRICITY + WATER = VERY BAD THINGS.

Oh dear, too late. Luckily it wasn't too much of a shock, but hair was standing on end, and it didn't help that I started to laugh (after making sure that his heart hadn't stopped, God, I'm not that callous)...and after we had fixed the breaker, and cleaned up the water....we were both in fits of giggles.....

Today, we got hit by our first big windstorm - warm air coming up from Hawaii apparently - and the familiar grey, bleak rainy days of the West Coast are settling in for the next week or so...

But over all, things are good...

The odd fleeting moment, when I catch myself thinking "A glass of wine would be nice about now"...but then I give myself a shake, and it's gone again.....

I know that normal mundane inconveniences in the past, plus the dark winter days, would previously have lead to too much wine, bad temper and over- reactions.

It's much better this way.


PS. I updated my video blog.....its right here.


  1. OMG!! Hahah! Yes, please turn off the breaker before proceeding with repairs:)
    If your spouse gets tired of getting his bell rung by errant electricity, you might want to look around for "open box" deals, usually they get returned because of minor blemishes that non-superficial like you and I don't care about. I got my DW (stainless steel Samsung) for $400 (it has a scratch on it). I installed it myself.
    ALSO, if you don't get that gazebo/ring done, will you have disappointed the DARK LORD?? May not want to piss him off.

    1. Yes, we've learned (again) the best way to proceed with household maintenance. I will indeed look for those deals - we used to skip across the border and take advantage of the exchange difference and better deals in your country, but those days have gone, and our dollar is in the toilet. I have just mentioned the Dark Lord issue to my husband, but little response...maybe that jolt did more harm than I thought?

    2. Bummer. But yes, keep an eye out-- lest YOU become the new dishwasher..*ominous music*

    3. Hmmm. Maybe I should stop snickering...

  2. I always stay out of hubs way!
    Well some of the time!

    1. A sensible choice. I usually never help, because my husband always assumes that I have some level of knowledge, and that I understand the jargon. If no-one has ever explained to me what a crescent wrench looks like, how am I to know?

  3. Best to stay out of hubby's way when they get like that! I hope you get your gazebo in time for Christmas. A x

  4. Hahahaha Nice story. Giggles always help with tension. Right?