Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Darkness Descended..

I'm talking about the weather. So the blog post title may be a little "over dramatic".

But we in the Pacific North West ( as the lovely Suburban Betty will know) are being pounded by storm after storm from Hawaii. Because keeping the storms would interfere with tourism. So they send them to Canada, Washington State and Oregon, so we all get on planes and fly to Hawaii and spend our hard earned dollars. But if you don't have enough dollars, you have to stay and endure the shitty weather.

I sound a little crazed, because I do feel like I have 'cabin fever". I've been waking up to darkness, and it's stayed that way for the whole day. And then the next. And then the next.

I read somewhere that you can still get ultra violet vitamin D rays, in semi daylight, even though the sun isn't actually out.

 So I went for a walk, and admittedly it was a bit breezy. My husband was waiting for me when I got back and shrieked something about "stupid.....walking....worse storm ever....could have got killed....falling branches..." Not really sure exactly what he said, I couldn't hear him over the wind...

Last year, I would have curled up with wine.

This year I am determined to stay a little bit active, and not hibernate.

It could be a lot worse. Many people are flooded out, not only here, but I see in the UK too. So I am trying not to be a whiny princess and just get on with it...

Tomorrow, another storm is forecast, so maybe I'll visit the local indoor swimming pool.....


Hands up those people who are fed up with talk of resolutions and targets and goals for 2016...this is why 2016 won't be your 'best year ever".....


  1. No resolutions for me. Taking one day at a time. Sometimes barely. :) I like winter. I like snow. Hopefully we'll get some soon. Storms will pass and sun will come out. Right? I am with your husband - shouldn't walk during the storm. :) Not safe.

    1. You (and he) are right. I wasn't thinking. And yes, the storms always pass, although some poor people will have lots of cleaning up to do. One day at a time is enough. It's all that any of us can (or should) do xxx

  2. Oh the darkness! I'm in Vancouver, so I feel your pain. Some days this week it never really did get light. I know I need to get out and move around outdoors, even when it's pouring, but I haven't this week and I'm kind of bananas here. Outdoors tomorrow, no matter what! I'm not around much resolution talk, but I'm not a fan. Keep the faith over there, the light will come back, right? xo

    1. The light should get better around the 21st, I think.

  3. It is summer here. Some days have been really hot, others not so much. Melbourne weather is very up and down! I lived in Norway when I was little (a very long time ago!!) and I remember in the winter it would be dark at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
    As for resolutions, I'm with Time. None for me. One day at a time is enough for now. A x

  4. Jeeeezus!! That was some crazy shit. It was 62 here yesterday with localized flooding, etc. When you start getting messages from the city about sandbag locations you know it's real. I've been going a little stir crazy as well, also flood watches make me nervous. Saw the sun today!! Also we are getting a shit ton of snow in the mountains, yay!

    1. Yep, snow is awesome, Mount Washington should be open around about now...last year there were barely five runs open all season.

  5. No resolution. I choose a word for the year.
    2014 was acceptance
    2015 was love
    2016 is going to be faith. I need to write a post.

    I live in northern Canada. It's dark here almost all day. I miss the sun.

    1. I have family in the Yukon, and ready to head to camp in TUKTOYAKTUK (I had to copy and paste that), and it's either continuously dark, or continuously light, depending on the time of year. Which would be an experience.
      I love your words. xxx

  6. Totally hear you about the rain and the dark. We had that here in Texas this Spring. It was rainy and cold the entire season and then it was suddenly HOT. I missed all my favorite outside hobbies, and it was really depressing. In fact, I drank even more than normal because of it. Here's hoping for clear weather soon for you!

    As far as resolutions, I typically don't do them. However, this year I might, and I think it simply be this: stay sober.

  7. I live in Minneapolis, and it's dark and rainy.
    At least it's been warm (in 30's, 40's) which is unusual for us!!
    No snow, either!
    But I think getting out walking is important, and yes, my doctor said to get out even on dark days!