Monday, 7 December 2015

Holiday Wobbles.

There's something about Christmas.

I've spent a couple on my own, and wallowed in wine. My own stupid fault, there were lots of things I could have done, instead of be on my own, but I chose to feel sorry for myself and hug my bottle closer.

Now, Christmas isn't a big deal in our household, we have no small children, grandchildren will be in the Yukon, my family is back in the UK....BUT, my step daughter will be home. She will have her mum and family to visit, and she's only here for two weeks, but we'll take what we can get, and it'll be fun.

Last time I saw her, I was drinking quite heavily. A lot has changed in her life, and in ours. All positive. So despite not really being concerned about decorations or a tree (Except my Fairy Ring aka The Gazebo!), I am starting to feel Christmassy.

Christmas could be a trigger. I've read that on a few blogs lately.

I wanted to help. And I've had lots of positive feedback about my video Blog, so I've put together my "Fifteen Booze Free Days of Christmas"....a bit of a play on the Twelve Days (but no gold rings!).

If you think it will help, you can sign up to get a daily video, and email to your inbox for 15 days from 20th December. Nothing too heavy, just a  few minutes of support, a few minutes in the day to be mindful, something to help you look out for yourself...

We (women - sorry Guys, I know you put up lights, and put up with us) seem to somehow become the Keeper of Christmas Happiness - I've been in the situation where pressure seems to be coming from all sides - and there is often an EXPECTATION that we will drink...

After all, it's Christmas right? One won't hurt...and you can start again in the New Year.."


It will hurt.

You can find details here ..... 

There is a small charge. I am feeling a bit wobbly about that. But the charge is less than the cost of a bottle of wine (and a lot less if you live anywhere else but Canada, due to our feeble dollar), and it's taken quite a lot of time to put together. And sometimes, a small commitment helps to keep you focused.

It doesn't matter if one person signs up or 1000, it will still be available. And if it doesn't appeal, that's OK too, I'll be hanging out here quite a lot anyway  :)

WB xx

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