Thursday, 24 December 2015

Let's Put Down This Burden....

Carrying around stress, is like struggling with heavy awkward plastic shopping bags after the last dash around the store on Christmas Eve. You know, the cheap plastic bags that stretch and cut into your hands. You are constantly worried that they will split, and you'll have to pick up all the contents that spill over the parking lot. You try to carry them in different ways, lug them in your arms, or try and divide the weight evenly between two hands, but it's still a struggle.

It's a huge relief when you can put them down.  

That's how I felt, carrying the burden of alcohol around with me. Every Day.

It was a relief to put it down. To rub away the red marks, the grooves on my soul.

I can't wish anyone a better Christmas Gift, than the relief of that burden.

Have a Happy Sober Christmas,


1 comment:

  1. My word that is so true! Happy Christmas from a damp and soggy York xx