Sunday, 27 December 2015

Home and Sober for Christmas

Our low-key Charlie Brown Christmas turned into quite the party! Our relaxed celebrations around a campfire attracted more members of the family, friends and neighbours.

The gazebo was packed, people wandered in and out the house, we had a huge pot of Seafood Chowder on the go all day long, and people turned up with armfuls of food.

But very little booze!

My sister-in law surprised me with a basketful of " British goodies" - a DVD of "Last of the Summer Wine", a British newspaper, jars of marmalade......and tea.

Let's have a "spot of tea" she said in a terrible fake British accent....

So that's exactly what we all did. I had pots of tea and coffee, and hot chocolate all day long.

And everyone seemed really happy.

Zero Booze. Optimum Happiness. And a little touch of home.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too!

WB xx


  1. Awesome. Who knew? All those years I thought the booze made the party.
    I can't believe how wrong that was!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. It's so good to her about these fun-without-booze events! xo

  3. Oh that sounds like a really nice day! Did you post a pic of finished gazebo? I'd love to see it. I'll bet it was a huge hit. Now you'd better stop improving the property or you'll have to start using a web service to book camping. :)

  4. That did sound perfect!
    We had a very small, quiet Christmas with mom and fil.