Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Big Hairy Assed Problems

Life throws many problems at you. Nobody is immune, and although I do subscribe to the theory of the Law of Attraction - basically you put out what you get back, even the most sunniest, optimistic person cannot fully avoid life's misfortunes, tragedy, problems and stresses.
The problems and heartaches are what make you grow, I believe - in other words, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.
Unless you are burying your head in the sand - or in my case, wallowing in a sea of wine.

It's so much easier to pour a large glass of wine and let the numbing effects dull your brain and emotions, rather than face a family illness or crisis - it's so much easier to finish the bottle rather than finish that really important paperwork for the bank.....

The Big Hairy Assed problem that I had been conveniently drowning out with wine was.....DEBT.

We are both self employed, Mr. WB and me, so basically, how much we work = how much money we have. Mr. WB has not been employed by another person or company for the last 40 years. I have not been employed by another entity since I moved to the Island.

So we are both basically unemployable.

Our Debt has been increasing. We have been late with a few mortgage payments, a few bills. Before I embraced the sober life - I actually misplaced important bills that came back to bite us in the ass.

Sobriety gives us the gift of freedom - freedom from the clutches and tyranny of alcohol. But with freedom comes responsibility....

So I've started tackling our Debt. Starting with ACKNOWLEDGING our debt - getting an actual number.

It was stressful, but I kept telling myself that it was just a NUMBER, and only when I knew this number would I be able to tackle it.

The next task is to devise a plan to reduce the number!

That's today's task. But already I feel better. Already I feel a bit more responsible. 

There are, and will be many Big Hairy Assed Problems. Life isn't as smooth sailing as, well, as smooth as a baby's bottom......but now I've thrown off the shackles of wine, I do feel able to stare them right in the......Ass.



  1. Hug
    It's true. Sobriety makes us willing to be honest with what is.
    That is the way to santosha. Not wish for what is not. But making peace with what is.

    I know you will figure this one out. Even if it hurts in the short term.


  2. Well done for tackling this problem. It is so easy to put your head in the sand and pretend the problem isn't there. Unfortunately, I do that. I haven't done my tax return for a few years and I keep putting off making the appt. It terrifies me! But I know I will feel so much better once it's done. Good on you! A x

  3. You are a thing of wonder. You will feel so much better now you've started dealing with this one. Those things we try to ignore - they never go away, they just stay there rotting and infecting everything else. Go girl!

  4. I tried to drown our big hairy assed debt problems in beer for years. Didn't work.

    Good job facing your number head on! I need to sit down and face ours, too. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Well done for siting down and tackling the issue head on, it's a duanting thing to do and most shy away from it for a time. Not everybody finds the strength to change it and actually sit down and do the numbers, and as we all know, things just escalate while we hide from them. Now you have your numbers you have your goals, in business and in life circumstances such as these, the numbers are not just there to scare you, they are there as a motivator and can go a long way towards helping guide you forward in terms of knowing what you need and where you need to be heading in your business / work life also. Two birds with one stone ! It can be hard to see the positive in this situation I know, but knowing that one day you can come out the other side and look back and say 'wow what a learning curve but we did it' is worth it.