Thursday, 2 July 2015

Day 54 - It Takes a Drunk to know a Drunk Part 2.

Today, a friend showed my a text that she received a few nights ago from a friend of hers. I can't remember the exact words, but the text seemed quite angry and referred to an incident between my friend and the texter, that had caused offence and a misunderstanding.

"The thing is" said my friend "this happened three years ago, and we resolved it immediately, and have been friends ever since. I had no idea she was still so angry....."

She was upset, so I took another look...maybe the texter was joking?

I can't be absolutely sure....but to my practiced eye....this looked like a "drunk text".

I know, because I have been know to "drunk text". And "drunk e-mail", "drunk facebook" and "drunk tweet". 
And, my "communications" would range from the totally incoherent, to just plain embarrassing. And often, after staying up late and getting myself into a drunken state about a perceived slight, or imagined argument, my (published) comments could cause at best confusion, and at worst, offence and lost friends.

The worse thing about it was that I never remembered. My morning ritual at the end of my slippery slope was first trying to ascertain how bad my hangover actually was and then feverishly checking my "sent" emails and texts and my social media feeds for the latest of my rants.

Of course, I did try to control this - I often would lock my smart phone in the car......( and no, I never thought to control it by not drinking!!)

I said to my friend ....'Why don't you call her....there maybe some underlying stress that you don't know about........."

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