Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Butterfly Mind.

Do you ever have days when you just can't settle?

Today is one of those days for me.

I had plans for today. It's a "free" day - no work with my small pool of clients until next week. So I have a huge list of stuff to do for my online business, and admin stuff to catch up for my husband. I also had (have) an awesome idea for this blog.
Plus general cleaning (house is grubby) and laundry (dangerously low on clean underwear).

Have I done any of it? No. Not. One. Thing.

I got up and read sober blogs with my coffee (morning routine)
I checked Facebook
I checked in with my online business crowd.
I answered one email.
I checked Facebook
I put dirty stuff in the dishwasher.
I logged out of Facebook, after finding myself reading about Donald Trump. Again.

I paced. From room to room. (And we only have a few). I folded up some laundry here and there.
I watered a small part of the garden ( drought season).

Normally a day like this would drive me insane.

But I noticed that as I paced, I was (am) getting some pretty awesome ideas. So I started to write them down.

So, it's 2.17pm in the afternoon as I write this, and so far....

1. I have 10 new chapter titles for the business book I'm writing.
2. I have several ideas for my business blog/newsletter.
3. I have a germ of an idea for another writing project, so I scribbled it out.
4. I figured out how to work out a bookkeeping transaction that I couldn't get my head around until now.
5. I have a new add -on design for my garden, which is both inexpensive and drought -proof.

I am learning to live with my butterfly mind.

Before, I would be checking the clock..."is it too early for wine? It is kind of a day off....a holiday" and the day would be drenched. I might get an idea, but have no motivation to write it down (how many ideas for novels have gone that way over the years? LOTS). I would have watched some TV ( just checking in on the financial crisis in Greece....) and I may have got the laundry done.

It hasn't been a productive day. But it has been progress.

Now I really DO have to put some laundry on.



  1. Sounds to me like a very productive unproductive day! I've been lacking motivation lately and had lots of unproductive days. I wish I could make some progress. A x

    1. Hey Angie - don't despair, some of it could be PAWS (and we just have to wait for that to pass).
      Being "productive' can be very over- rated, it seems that we are bombarded with messages from media (and especially social media) to be Productive, Happy, Fulfilled, Empowered, Motivated, Goal Orientated. Whatever.
      Sometimes it's fine to just Be. xxxx

    2. It is always fine to just be. When we realize that is true we can really see most of that media aggression is just an attempt to seek you something you don't need.
      Sad, but true.

  2. A list! A glorious list! Day well spent.