Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Day 66 - Confession.

 I "confessed" to my bunch of lovely business ladies (online - like you lovely people) about struggles with the wine witch and subsequent sober life.....

I was interviewed, here is the link. There's quite a bit boring business stuff, but I have shared this interview around, following on from Sober Mummy's post today (read here), 
 Hopefully this will spread some good Karma.

Feel free to share. NOTE : there must be something wrong with the recording, I don't sound like that in real life at all .....at least not in my head.....



  1. Great interview! That was so brave of you, confessing on the radio. Well done!
    You are so right though; when you said how no one questions when you stop other unhealthy habits like smoking or eating chocolate! I think that's what make giving up drinking so much harder, the stigma behind it. People should be admiring us and saying 'well done'. But until society's attitude to drinking changes, it will always be like.
    Congrats on day 66. That's awesome! A x

  2. Oh, that was really good! I love how you presented "our side" of things. I also enjoyed hearing about your business and how you and your husband work together.

    Well done!