Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Day 53

Day 53 and it's sweltering.

It's also Canada Day. My adopted country's birthday. Canada is 148 years old today.

People are crammed onto beaches, and also down at our local swimming hole. Parades are happening in cities and town across the country - although I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be in this heat.

I am swigging alcohol free beer, and am thankful that I am hangover free.

Later, when it's nearly dusk, and people have trooped off home to have barbeques, Hubby and I will sneak down to the river, and dunk ourselves into the cool water, and feel our core body temperature drop to a comfortable state.

Then, we'll eat a simple meal of leftovers, cold meat and salad, and if I'm feeling really indulgent, I may have another AF beer.

Life is good. We live in a democratic country, we have our health and our happiness and our freedom.

Happy Birthday Canada.


  1. Happy Canada day!
    We are going to BBQ. no parties here. Visiting in Calgary.

  2. Happy Canada Day! Your celebration plans sound lovely. Enjoy!