Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Day 11 - Back to Business

One of the things I have neglected over the last (long) while, is my business. I have also only really been "dropping in" to my husband's business too.
After a disastrous business venture with a partner ( which night after night drinking wine did nothing to improve....surprise!), I decided to branch out on my own, and also help out with my husband's business.
I was full of good intentions. Yet, working at home merely opened up more drinking opportunities. Before, I would never had drunk wine at lunchtime - just made up for it when I got home - working from home, I could have a glass or two at lunchtime "just to help me relax and let the creativity flow..". Inevitably, the long lunchtime turned into a snooze on the couch, waking up in time for "wine o'clock" and there "Poof!" Another day gone, and zero productivity from me.
Yesterday, we had a business meeting scheduled with a local politician. This meeting had been planned about a month ago, and in my wine haze, I had omitted to write the appointment in our business diary. Luckily, our business associate called and reminded us the evening before.
So, had I still been drinking, this is the way it would have all panned out....

4.00pm. Reminder call about meeting the next day.
4.30pm. I half heartily make a few notes until..
5.00pm I open a bottle of wine.
6.00pm I grumpily go back to making notes....
7.00pm I give up, saying..."I'll get up early and finish prepping for the meeting..
7.01 pm I carry on drinking until I fall into bed...

8.00am. I wake up feeling groggy and sweaty
8.01am I remember about the meeting...and think "Fuck it, I'll wing it"
8.45am I drag myself out of bed
9.15am I argue with husband about getting ready
9.45 am I am finally out of the shower.
10.00am. I am dressed, feeling bloated, flushed, sweaty and grumpy...
10.30 am I am in the meeting, trying to focus, while ignoring the pounding behind my left eye.

12.00 noon. Meeting over and we go for lunch.
12.01 pm. I order a large glass of white wine to "celebrate"

Yesterday, I am thrilled to say that it was all a New Story. I was well prepared, with notes and printouts arranged neatly on the kitchen table the night before.
Despite feeling a little groggy (see yesterday's post), it all went away after a shower. I put on make up (!), dressed up, and we were still early enough to stop for another coffee on the way to the meeting.
During the meeting, I participated, even cracked the odd joke ....and made notes!
I felt inspired, so after lunch (sparkling water) I came home and did another solid three hours work on my own business!

I had almost forgotten the fulfilled, satisfied feeling after a productive day! I had a early night....tired, but I came by it honestly....and I read a few pages of my novel about the Boston Strangler....and fell into a contented sleep!

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