Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Day 17 - Alone at last...

Day 17, and I am alone in the house until Friday morning. My husband is on a fishing trip. He lives for fishing (ex commercial fisherman) and I love the fresh seafood, so I never complain when he disappears for a few days, and then returns with lovely halibut or salmon.
And not mention, the "alone time" that I also enjoyed as an excuse to drink more wine...
"Well, I deserve a treat too, maybe a book this afternoon with a lovely glass of chilled white wine..." except it was never one glass, more like two bottles (because I started around 2pm in the afternoon), and more often or not, I would wake up about midnight, still on the couch, no dinner, no recollection of the last few hours, missed calls from my husband, feeling like crap.
So this time will be my first "sober alone time".
So I am prepared.
I have a list of stuff I want to accomplish - cleaning out closets, working in the garden, catching up on admin for our businesses....and I have planned healthy meals (need to shop for them), and I have a couple of bottles of non alcoholic wine (I tried beer, I don't like it...the wine is ok with a couple of ice cubes, and topped up with soda water).
So I am prepared.
For the first time, I realize how much of a hermit I have become.


  1. I've been drinking sparkling strawberry lemonade in my pretty wine glasses! It's really nice! My husband works from home and travels a couple of times a month, those days I would generally start drinking early in the day! He leaves next week, need to keep busy!

  2. I think keeping busy is the key, also I am starting to realize how much time was taken up by drinking....my house is the cleanest it has ever been, and it does feel nice to actually FINISH some projects! Good luck for next week x