Thursday, 28 May 2015

Sad Movies

One of the best things about being alone in the house, is all the time I have to get on and do productive things! Ha ha, I wish!
No, the best thing used to be that I could drink as much wine as I liked.
So this time (first time sober and alone for a few days), I DID make a list of all the productive things I could do (and I have actually done some of them), AND I made a list of all the movies I want to watch, without my husband, sighing, and shifting around in his chair, and making loud phone know....Chick Flicks ( otherwise known as any movie that doesn't have a high speed car chase).
So one of my picks for last night was "Still Alice".
It's a real tear-jerker. Julianne Moore is spectacular as Alice, a highly intelligent linguistic professor, who gets diagnosed with Alzheimers. The film is about her demise, her struggle to hold on to her mind and her memories.
I sobbed just about all the way through. Even my cat who dislikes being cuddled, curled up on my lap.
Tears poured down my cheeks, snot ran like a river from my nose. Not pretty.
It was really sad, but the one thought that rattled around in my brain, was " That poor lady had a horrible disease through no fault of her own, and I was drinking myself to death"
I know. Sounds a bit theatrical, and not very British.
But we are only given one body. We get to do with it, what we will. Some people look after it, exercise it, feed it nourishing stuff, rest it......and some of us abuse it with alcohol, sugar, and a lifetime on the couch. And then look to the health care system to patch us up.
I am hoping that I can reverse the damage. I am hoping that my body will forgive me. I am hoping to live a long life, free from disease. And I hope that all of you do too.
And tonight I am watching Bridesmaids II.

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  1. Bridesmaids will definitely be less tears.
    I had similar thoughts. What was I doing to myself? Where did I expect it to end?
    So glad those days are behind me.

    As an aside - alone in the house is still triggers for me at 18 months. Having no alcohol in the house is a smart and self protective move.