Monday, 25 May 2015

Day 15/16 Sunday = Funday

I have always loathed Sundays. It was always the day that I couldn't put off Math homework anymore ( although it was often finished on the bus to school Monday morning), and it was the day that my Mum frantically cleaned the house before she went back to work on Monday.
Mum worked full time, as soon as we were old enough not to need after school care. She had a career, but was of the "have it all" generation, that meant that she was guilty about us when she was at work (she need not have, we were fine) and guilty if she took time off, because of the pressures of her job.
Consequently, weekends were like this

Saturday - dragged around supermarket for the morning, visit grandparents in the afternoon
Sunday - house work all day, obligatory Roast Dinner, run around like a headless chicken making sure we were ready for school.

Mum was in a bad mood on Sundays, and we (my brother and I) had to also spend the day doing chores / homework.
 My job was to iron shirts. I actually didn't mind doing this, I watched "The Waltons" as I was ironing.

However, when I was older, I was usually ironing with a hangover, having been to a party and indulged in under- aged drinking (mostly cheap cider, unless someone raided their parents drinks cabinet, in which case, we could be drinking anything from Creme de Menthe to Cooking Sherry).

As an adult, the Hangover Sunday was the norm. The last time I had a hangover on a Sunday was 9th May 2015 ( Day 1 of sober life) which also happened to be Mother's Day in Canada, and I had fifteen people to dinner.

Yesterday (Day 15) I wanted to start a New Trend. Sunday = Funday.

My husband got up early and made me coffee in bed (lovely) and then we stole my stepson's VW convertible buggy (he shouldn't leave the keys in it), and bombed around the Island, checking in on Farmer's Markets that I  have never visited in the ten years I have lived on Vancouver Island (hangover, remember), and stopped and had lunch in the pub ( totally not a problem for me ) and then spent the day in the garden.

It was a FUN DAY.

But the trouble with Sunday Funday? It's still followed by Monday, and today I found myself channeling my mother and cleaning the house like a mad woman!

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