Saturday, 30 May 2015

Day 21 - Taking Stock

Waking up hangover free on my 21st day Without Wine, I realized that I have not been alcohol free for this long for at least 12 years.
So I thought I would take stock of some physical changes :
  • My skin looks clearer.
I have always hated my skin. I am very fair (redhead before the grey set in), as a teenager I had dreadful acne, and I've always had very high colour - sort of like I'm blushing the whole time. Years of my skin trying to cope with the daily dehydration of alcohol, and attempting to purge my body of doses of poison, my skin has become dry and ichy, blotchy with large pores that were accentuated by nightly sweating.
Today, the blotchiness has gone. The redness has toned down considerably. My pores look tighter, and the rough dry patches have all but for a couple of areas around my nose, disappeared. For the first time in years, I see my freckles!
  • I am sleeping better.
Part from feeling refreshed in the morning, the dark circles around my eyes are reduced. I still have days of feeling listless, but in the most part, I feel energetic. My productivity has increased, which has lead to ...

  • Less depression.
Getting stuff done has increased my feelings of self worth. Not having to worry about stupid things I've said, or written on facebook, having enjoyable evenings with my husband, pottering around in the garden, a cleaner house...a myriad of small things have added up to add to my state of general happiness.

  • Weight loss
The BIG ONE. Well, I haven't weighed myself yet, and I don't think I have lost pounds and pounds, but my face is less puffy and my clothes feel a little more comfortable. I'm not ready to step on the scales yet.

Do I miss Wine? No. Today, as I'm writing this, I can say honestly that I don't miss it at all. I know that this may change, so when I am facing down my inner Wine Bitch, I will re-read this blog.

I hope it helps anyone who is new to this journey, or even if you are not.

Have a great weekend. xx


  1. All those things you're noticing aren't in your head. The many negative effects of alcohol you've been living with are laid bare and exposed when you stop pouring the stuff into your body. I remember my first month or so feeling amazed at how much better I felt. I wasn't at the stage yet where I was blacking out, but I knew I was losing control of my intake. I read somewhere that alcohol dependence is like riding on a garbage truck. Eventually you will get to the dump (read "bottom") but we all have the choice to jump off the truck at any time. No matter where you are, it's always a good idea to jump off that truck and start the journey back to where your life should be. Good for you, and keep putting that Wine Bitch in her place!

    1. Thank you - the garbage truck is a great analogy!

  2. Those sound like wonderful changes. Definitely worth diving up sour grapes for all that!

  3. Yes, I am thankful that (as far as I know) no terrible damage has been done. I was drinking quadruple the "recommended safe levels" per week - and my inner Wine Bitch was telling me that all was fine. The last three weeks have been a revelation!

  4. I love sobriety perks!! Imagine what your liver and heart look like!! They are probably doing a happy dance, as I type! Congrats on Day 25 today!

  5. Well done on day 25 that's brilliant!! I'm on say 5 and I hope to see all these benefits like you ... keep it up.
    I dont know if I've already said but I have a blog I think I started blogging around the same time as you but have fell off the wagon since ... onwards and upwards xx

  6. I think I love you! Thank you for your honest, hilariously dry account of your journey to date. Everything you have described about your relationship with 'thatbitchwine' is mine........ you have totally inspired me to take this (what I thought as a ridiculous) idea of not drinking as a real and obtainable option. I'm just at the end of day 2 and all is good but the weekend is totally freaking me out - I've had two invitations to wine fuelled girlie nights already! So far I've opted out but not told any of them my real reason, not sure if I'm ready to spill the beans yet. So very proud of you and hopefully I'll have your strength to keep it up. You go girl! xxx

    1. Well thank you for the kind words. I too thought that this "non drinking" was totally ridiculous, but I'm now a month in, and I can guarantee that life hasn't ended! In the very early days, it does seem like a terrible secret, but I have just got used to saying "Oh I'm not drinking any more" So hang in there. I have a facebook pge set up, and I am attempting to post helpful stuff. Good luck to you xx