Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day 26

Day 26 and my first sober celebration. My stepson arrived to stay with us, bringing his new bride. They live in the Yukon, and had their marriage ceremony with just my stepson's two children present. With our huge blended family, and living so far away, they made a wise decision.
When they arrived, of course a bottle of chilled champagne was ready, and we toasted the happy couple - except mine was sparkling water.
I did feel a pang - which went away, when my new daughter-in-law said " You look so great and so healthy!"
We have a large barbeque arranged for Sunday. It will be Day 29, and I remember the last large family gathering we had on May 9th - Mother's Day. It was Day 1, and I had an absolute humdinger of a hangover.
I am looking forward to hosting this Sunday, with a clear head and a happy smile.


  1. Day 27 now!
    I now am very used to celebrating without drinking.
    It's so nice to wake up without a hangover!
    Keep it up!

  2. Thank you! And it is really nice! Jackie.xx