Sunday, 7 June 2015

Day 29 - Family Gathering

It's a glorious sunny Sunday morning, and I was up early (hangover free, of course), and I watered my garden, coffee in hand.
Today we have a casual gathering at our home to celebrate my stepson's marriage. We have invited ALL the family, despite long running family feuds between various factions.
Before, this would have caused me some stress, which I would naturally try to medicate with wine. Today, I don't care. The day is about the happy couple, and if people can't put aside their petty grievances, then they can leave.
ALSO - for the first time ever, I am not providing alcohol.
We have a vast array of delicious food, barbeque ribs, fresh salmon, and all kinds of salads, which I have prepared (hangover free, yay) .
People have asked what they should bring - and instead of requesting that they contribute to the food, I have said 'please bring whatever you would like to drink".

Now, this will cause consternation for a couple of individuals. Due to my previous drinking addiction, I always provided vast quantities of wine, mainly to encourage drinking to cover up my habit. However, it has not gone unnoticed (especially by my husband) that this "generosity" has been taken advantage of in the past.

So today is the start of a new tradition. I did feel a little mean at first....then I looked at my grocery bill (sans alcohol), and that cheered me up immensely.

Of course, I may have to explain why our house is dry (apart from my husband's really good whiskey, which was also raided in the past, so it's now hidden), and I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

This morning, I am just loving the fact that it's before nine am, I have enjoyed the morning, prepared food, gardened, and drank coffee, written this blog....all clear headed and cheery!

Enjoy your day xx


  1. This reminds me of my wedding in 2010 after the first time I quit drinking in 2008. We also opted not to serve alcohol and while we had no complaints, you've never seen a reception clear out faster after the food was consumed. Haha! Quick! Cut the cake, they're leaving!
    Stupidly started again 3 years ago with occasional cocktails until I finally got to Critical Wine Mass I'm at today. Whole stupid deal started me smoking again as well (had quit that in 2007).
    But I'm having another go. Anytime you think oh just one, tell yourself "Slippery slope!!" And then back slowly away from the wine making mo sudden movements. Good luck!! You're doing great!!

  2. Thanks Betty - it all went well.....and ended early! And good for you - this time we've got your back xx

  3. Well done WW! You rock! SM x

  4. Beautiful.
    I find that although I now have to deal with some social anxiety sober, it is actually we easier than trying to figure out how much I can drink and still host. I am sure I was a disaster more than once in the past.

    Plus, without copious amounts of booze I find people leave sooner and it is all much more pleasant.

    Great job. I had to laugh- my husband used to hide the expensive whiskey too. Of course, now he's also sober. Lol