Friday, 26 June 2015

Day 48 - A Creative Whizz? Me?

I do not have a creative bone in my body.

That has been my stance for the whole of my life.

I was not good at Art in school, or domestic science (but seriously, who IS good at this and who cares?), or woodwork (co-ed school), metal work (really? welding?) and Horticulture was a fancy word for chain gangs of truants clearing the wasteland behind the bike sheds.

I was, however, good at English Lit and I announced to my parents that I loved writing and was going to be a journalist ( I secretly wanted to be a novelist, but journalist sounded like something I could get paid for, and therefore my middle class parents would approve).

I won't bore you with descriptions of the raised voices and slamming doors, but my first job was with Lloyds Bank, and when that totally sucked the soul out of me, I became an accountant, and it was the day that creativity finally died. For me.

So I told myself that I was "analytical" rather than "creative" and I have avoided all contact with creative activities and fluffy, airhead creative types until now.

I find myself married in to a family of artists - how the hell did that happen? (misrepresentation - that's how!).

And one of these creative types was looking at my serious analytical online business and remarked that I might get a few more clients if my advertising was a bit more "colourful". Whaaatt?

The only colour decision that I have concerned myself with  recently is... "red or white wine?' so this was a completely alien concept, but I did concede that my website, my facebook page and just about everything with my business was drab and uninspiring.

So, I did something that was unthinkable about 50 days ago - I set out to learn something new.

I signed on to a free live webinar, hosted by a lovely lady in the UK who runs The Business Beautician , and got out of bed at 5.00am in the morning to attend.

What a revelation! Firstly that I can actually get out of bed at 5.00am in the morning (impossible in the non sober days), and secondly..... I learned LOTS and LOTS - how to design my own stuff, how to brighten up E-books, make eye catching advertisments...

I spent the whole of yesterday completely absorbed - it's been so long since I was so engrossed in a project that I totally forgot the time.

I posted (nervously) a couple of my creations in my online business group. "Wow", posted one lovely lady "You are a creative whiz!"


  1. Nice! Of course you are creative. In Brene Brown's course on the gifts of imperfection she makes us write I am a creative being. We all sing, dance, draw, etc. but yes, some of that is discouraged out of us as kids an replaced with e need to conform and succeed.
    I'm an engineer. I would also love to be a novelist. I actually did an English degree on the side while in engineering. But of so long I was pushed to be rational, I let that go.

    No more. Brene helped me see I love art. I used to quilt. Yoga is a form a moving art.

    We can be anything we want.

  2. Of course you have a creative bone. And you don't have to go far to see it. Take a look at this blog. You can write and you write well. You created your own little space where you express yourself. It sounds easy but it is not. Well done!