Monday, 8 June 2015

Day 30

Yesterday's family event was a success!
Most importantly, the newly weds had fun, and enjoyed all the well deserved attention and good wishes.
Everyone loved the barbequed ribs (husband's specialty), and I got quite a few compliments for the rest of the spread. Which was nice.
Only a couple of mentions about alcohol....."Where's the wine?" (from a relative who shall remain unidentified, and who was well aware of the BYOB stipulation)
"Oh, we have sparkling water or soft drinks in the cooler" - totally avoiding the question.
Our family events have always included my husband's ex-wife and his ex-in-laws. It has always made life easier for my stepsons, and besides, I get on well with my husband's ex -wife and her family. Their divorce was thirty years ago, so any drama is well in the past.
Except for people who seemed bound and determined to "stir the shitpot"
And, I guess that I have been so absorbed in my wine glass at these events, that I never noticed until yesterday.
At first I thought I was being a little paranoid, and then as the afternoon went on, I really did pick up on some snide comments directed firstly at my husband's ex and then at myself (from the same wine seeking person)
Had I been drinking (and paying attention), my reaction may have ruined a perfectly good afternoon.
As it was, the sober me just cracked a joke, and linked arms with Ex-Wife and showed her round my garden.
My husband looked relieved and gave me a big kiss. Ex -wife whispered to me 'she always was a bitch" and we both laughed.
At the end of the evening, my stepson gave me a big hug.
"Thanks for everything. And I'm so proud of you"
I'm not sure if he meant for the new sober me, or for being respectful of his mum, but I teared up anyway.