Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Day 39 - Big Thoughts from The Big Mind

I've been thinking Big Thoughts lately (maybe I have too much time on my hands). I've been contemplating The Universe. Before I gave up the vino, my thoughts on The Universe would have gone like this...." The Universe? Lovely. Could you pass the wine please?"
These days I am giving The Universe far more attention.
I've been noticing, now that I am out of my wine-fog, that plenty of people seem to be nattering about the Law of Attraction.
Now apparently (forgive me if this is not news to you), in the Universe is swirling lots of good thoughts and feelings and awesome stuff, AND if you concentrate really hard, you get the good stuff.
It's called Manifesting, and it happens whether or not you intend it to......
Therefore if you give out negative vibes, you get negative stuff back.
But what happens if you give out foggy, confused, drunk vibes?
I can see the Universe rolling his/her eyes.."not her again, with her drunken manifesting...doesn't make any sense, just send her another bottle, and hope she passes out"
Buddhists have a similar belief (and apologies if this is inaccurate or too simplistic), that all thoughts and concepts and human potential is all stored in the Big Mind (aka Universe).....and all we do is receive thoughts, and if we are paying attention , we sift through all the transmitted thoughts and chose the good stuff and reject the bad.
Now how does this apply to us? I have a Theory.
Alcohol, along with other narcotics that dull and confuse our senses, inhibits our ability to sift through all the transmitted thoughts and stuff, and therefore, only the bad stuff, like thoughts of negative self worth, and self loathing get through - all the thoughts that no-one else wants. The bargain basement of thoughts, if you will. In addition, we transmit back to the Universe, all our negative bullshit, so he/she/it, keeps sending us more.
Once we are clear-headed - we start to receive the odd positive thought. The Universe thinks - "well, well...that actually made some sense....let's send her some good stuff and see what happens..."
Then it snowballs, and before you know it, you're manifesting a holiday in Hawaii.
(Ok, the Theory needs some work, but even Einstein had to start somewhere, and all he came up with, is an equation ....jeez).

P.S I am posting this about half an hour after my original post. Apparently my Theory already exists. My apologies for unintended plagarism. Sorry.


  1. Perfectly phrased and absolutely true, in my experience anyway. Thoughts are definitely things. I recall quite a few wine-y evenings where all I could do was sit there and STRESS OUT about things that I couldn't do anything about at that moment because I was too incapacitated to handle them. Then stress later because I was too hungover to deal with it. So nothing was going to change while all my thoughts were too useless to do me any good. Then when you realize that changing your thoughts changes your life it's very empowering. Which reminds me of the Buddhist saying "I am not in the world, the world is me."

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  3. I believe we get what we send out. When we are looking for fun, positive experiences, they will come.