Thursday, 18 June 2015

Day 40.....Duelling Witches.

It had to happen. Day 40 and the witch was back.
A stressful evening. We invited a business associate over with his wife (they are also friends) to discuss how our business is going, and what the future holds. It started off well, but we ran into some areas of disagreement.
I found myself eyeing up the bottle of red wine that they had bought with them. I was sipping on a glass of soda water.
As we got further into the debate, I tuned out a little......and
"go on, just one glass, there's only one bottle, so it's not as if you will be drinking much"

I watched as my friend helped herself to another glass and....(shrieking now)

"be quick, be quick....or she'll finish it!!!"

Oh boy, I'm not in Kansas anymore. I had another soda water.

They finally left. There was a third of the bottle left. My husband watched me as I poured it down the sink.

"There", said the Good Witch.....
"It was in you all the time"



  1. Yay! You rock! Go Wine Bitch! (Btw, did you ever see my post 'follow the sober brick road' about the wizard of oz?) xx

    1. I just read it! In my head every so often I hear.."Ha ha my pretty...I'll get you, and your little dog too...(evil cackle), followed by "I'm melting...I'm melting...".

  2. As a girl from Kansas, I applaud your starring role as the Good Witch! Now click those ruby slippers and repeat after me, "There's no place like sobriety. There's no place like sobriety."

    1. We're where bluebirds fly! (or sing, can't remember the lyrics)