Sunday, 14 June 2015

Day 36 - Running Like Forrest Gump. Well, not quite..

I took up running. Again. First of all, I am using the loosest definition of running, which translates into a cross between a shuffle and a Michael Jackson moon walk.
Still, I have accomplished getting out of the door two mornings in a row now. And I fully intend to keep doing this, even though it hurts a lot, but it's nice when I stop.
I used to run quite a bit, I have even completed marathons. When I tell people that now, they look at my overweight, saggy, middle -aged body, and nod kindly, the same way you would nod at a crazy person to keep them calm.
I took up running, because my then -partner was an avid runner, and as he so eloquently put it, I was "the fattest girl he had ever been out with".
Instead of calling him an a-hole (although I made up for that fifteen years later), I dedicated myself to training schedules and carb-loading. And I completed the London Marathon. Twice. (The first time I was overtaken by a man dressed in a duck costume, around mile 23, so of course I had to do it again).
When this relationship broke up, I continued completing marathons - marathon wine drinking sessions. And now my body, which did tone up while running, is paying the price.
I don't miss the never-ending training sessions, and the unkind remarks about my "curves" need to train harder, your arse is getting bigger.....but I do miss feeling fit and healthy.
So, there are no marathons in my future, but hopefully I can make it round my small circuit without embarrassing myself. This morning, even though my lungs were on fire, I kept shuffling because there were a group of people on the trail in front of me. They must have heard my wheezing, because one kind lady said....oh move over and let the through".

Have a great week. xx

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  1. I feel your pain WB! Thanks for making me laugh SM xx