Saturday, 27 June 2015

Day 49 . Is Sober the New Gluten-Free?

Anyone remember that marvelous scene in "Shirley Valentine", where she shrieks out the window, "I'm going to have sex for breakfast, sex for lunch and sex for's the BLOODY F - PLAN DIET!!"

I've just finished reading the awesome Sober Mummy's blog post today "Stop Drinking, Lose Weight?" and for some reason it reminded me of Shirley Valentine, and how she goes off to find herself, her lost youth and lost opportunities....I feel like I'm on a Shirley Valentine journey right now, only I didn't have to go to  Greek Island (sounds lovely though), I just had to put down the bottle...

Anyhoo, getting back to the vague point of today's ramblings, I had a bizarre conversation with one of my sister-in-laws yesterday ( I have mentioned her briefly before, but to catch you up in two words "complete bitch")

SIL " Glass of wine Jackie?"
ME " No thanks, water will be fine, it's so hot"
SIL 'Oh the wine's chilled"
ME "Actually I've given up drinking"
SIL "Really?"
ME "Yes"
SIL "I've given up wheat"
ME "Really?"
SIL "Yes. I think I'm gluten -intolerant"
ME "Oh dear"
SIL " Yes. No bread for me"
ME " That must be challenging, no pasta or muffins or anything then. A complete lifestyle change"
SIL. "Oh, I've only given up bread. it's just the wheat that I can't take"

Short Silence.

ME " Well that's too bad"
SIL "Yes it's hard"

Short Silence

SIL " Are you Wine- Intolerant?"
Me " Yes, I guess I am"

SIL " Would you like a beer ? I'm having one...."

Have a great weekend everyone.xx


  1. That is hilarious and I applaud your "high road" approach to dealing with The Difficult. Nothing like being one-upped by someone chugging beer.

  2. Ha ha ha. You must have nerves of steel.
    Does she realize beer has gluten in it? Never mind....

  3. Love your post! Great way to start my Sunday - thank you! Love Shirley Valentine xxx